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Greetings, I am a freelance content and copywriter. I specialize in writing personal development content that inspires readers to increase their productivity and pursue the passions that make them feel fulfilled.

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5 Regrets About my Artistic Practice

Now that we have all gotten accustomed to the worldwide Pandemic and its constricting measures; I have come to reflect on some regrets about my artistic practice. Looking back, I wish I would have tried a little more, and learned a lot more. I can’t place too much blame on my past self, because hindsight is 2020. Regardless of whatever year this still is, here are my…

6 Reasons why you feel like you aren’t reaching your goals

Many of my blog posts are actually just letters I have written to myself. I like to believe that my words can help other aspiring artists on their own journeys. In my solitude I think “Hey Steph, why not write some of this stuff down, rather than talking to yourself and making hand gestures to no one? Might seem less weird”…
Ha ha ha a joke of course!
Ah…anyway! I came up with this list in response to my latest inner dialogue of self-doubt. I feel like things move very slowly at times when I desire the opposite. Maybe this has happened to you as well? Here are my…

6 Reasons why you feel like you aren’t reaching your goals.

5 Reasons why your art is not reaching its best audience

5 Reasons why your art is not reaching its best audience
As an artist, I have struggled with getting the right people to see my work. Although the fulfillment I get from creating things is the force that keeps me going; fulfillment alone does not pay the bills. In order to earn revenue from my work, I need to target my message in meaningful ways.
At times this can be difficult considering the world is now bathed in digital media; but here are 5 good reasons why your art is not reaching its best audience…

5 Signs That Appear when you are Living Your Best Life

Depending on where you are in your journey, you may have started to notice signs that seem to appear to you on a daily basis. As you pursue your passions and go toward living a life that is purposeful, and what you have always wanted, you will see these signs over and over again.

Living your best life is not the easiest thing to do, as it requires you to be brave and to humble yourself in the face of who you used to be. Once you start, however, you will likely be confronted with one of these…

5 Signs That Appear When You are Living Your Best Life

5 Worst Procrastination Habits

As a freelancer, I am always trying to learn new ways to stay productive. It can be difficult to push through the mindless distractions that arise everyday. These distractions are the worst when you know you need to start a project, but keep finding yourself in the kitchen eating something else…again.

Here are my 5 WORST Procrastination Habits

6 Ways to Celebrate an Artist’s Birthday

Planning a memorable birthday event for someone you love can be a daunting task. Depending on who the loved one is, you may have limited options for what you can choose. When your loved one is an artist, you will likely need to think outside of the box to come up with a good plan.

As an artist, I am often bubbling with creative ideas for parties. I have always enjoyed hosting events at my home, and I like to think that I am skilled at being a great hostess. If you are planning a birthday for an artistic friend and you are looking for ideas, look no further because here are my…

6 Ways to Celebrate An Artist’s Birthday

YouTube: How to tell the difference between cheerleaders and cheerloafters

We all have people in our lives that propel our mindset to positive heights. Sometimes it is the offering of helpful advice, a pat on the back for an accomplishment, or even a simple smile with a “thumbs up” to encourage you to keep going.

I have people like this in my life, and as a result I always try to be the rainbow in someone else’s cloud. I consider myself to be a cheerleader in the non-traditional sense. I may not have the outfit and pom-poms, but my spirit is one who sees immense value in those around me, and I thrive when I can help bring out the potential in others.

Are you having difficulty figuring out who the cheerleaders are in your life? Take a look at my list to help you understand the difference between the cheerleaders, and the cheerloafters in your life…

8 Mistakes That Will Set You Back by at least One Decade

In life there are many bad choices to be made. If we are lucky, we have some kind of foresight to where we could go wrong. We may have a good rolemodel to guide us in the proper direction and to teach us better ways of piloting through difficulties, and in making better decisions than we might have made on our own.

I have had great mentors in my life, and I continue to strive to be the type of person who takes advice and guidance from people who have had experiences more advanced than my own. In these conversations, I have learned and complied for you…

8 Mistakes That Will Set You Back by at least a Decade