Blue and Gold abstract painting

My latest painting for the summer of 2020 is a blue, gold, and turquoise abstract painting. This glorious scene is entitled “Solar Rays”.

The painting is 24 inches tall by 27 inches wide. This is because of an error in cutting the size of my stretcher bars. I wanted the size to be 24 x 24 inches, but mistakenly forgot to account for the 1.5 inch width of the wood itself. Thus, 24x 27 inches. Live and learn.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Rays 2020 Art by Konu

This unique painting was conceptualized from a desire to show a solar ray escaping into the outer atmosphere of a star.

The light that escapes is pure energy, travelling outward into the cosmos. I used a blue background with this work, as opposed to my early work that usually featured a black negative space. The effect of using blue and turquoise in a negative space is a more welcoming one, as people are usually more drawn to comforting colours like these.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Ray 2020- Art by Konu

I am enjoying the direction of my new work. I am focusing on displaying my calmer attitude towards life (since motherhood specifically 😌) in my work, and I love where it is taking me.

My ability to express myself creatively has also expanded into my writing. I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for an entire month, and I exceeded the goal. From July 8, 2020 to August 8th (my favourite day of the year) I published a post relating to my new direction of personal development topics.

I implore you to check them out! I may write a book with the content, but as of now, I am still testing the rhythm of how often to maximize my reach.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
ARTIST Konu with Solar Ray

Please visit my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. On my channel you get to see me in action as I discuss topics that have resonated with me in my life. I am hoping that with the right amount of attention to my channel, that I can expand the content because I really love to speak on camera and communicate my message of hope and positivity to everyone I meet.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest work.


Stephanie’s Art Roll Call

I recently shot this video to feature the beautiful way my recent artwork carries on from one piece to another.

On a gorgeously sunny day I staged my artwork in the sunlight, and kept them organized by size/ style.

By arranging them in this style, the consistent use of a golden sun is highly prominent. One can also easily see the iridescent quality of each work, as they are very reflective in the sunlight.

The colours just pop! It’s hard to believe that there are no filters, or after effects on this video- this is raw footage of my work in direct sunlight- radiating positive vibes into the universe!

I think that a series of prints featuring all of these images would do well- and I will happily make these available if asked. I hope that my message of positivity is conveyed as an overall theme when this video is viewed, and that it brightened your day/ week as well.

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Green, blue and gold leaf abstract acrylic on canvas

My latest acrylic work is very similar to my early paintings. I focused on my favorite colour (green) and aqua blue to create an ocean landscape. The best part of this piece is how the green and the blue swirl together like liquid frozen in time. I love how the colours are separated, yet at some points seem to threaten to bleed into each other.

Themes of water and the sun are very prevalent in my work. I enjoy nature (who doesn’t!), so a lot of my inspiration is drawn from experiences of spending time walking along side Lake Ontario on sunny summer days. I have been known to visit the same parks in the winter, but only on the mildest of days. There is some indescribable effect that happens to me when I am near a large body of water. It’s both scary, and calming for me to beset myself near the Lake.

This particular area of the painting looks like a side profile of a face poking out into while negative space.

My heart sings when I see how the paint interacted in this particular area as well. Although I do not use scientific measurements in my work, I do use loose calculations to achieve these beautiful swirls and effects.

Part of the reason why I do this is to communicate the idea of participatory art. In my opinion, abstract art is better when the person viewing it sees a unique image that they come up with. I always love to hear what people see in my work, because it is always different from one person to the next. I love using my imagination, and I encourage others to exercise their imaginations as well.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my latest work. There is one more post left for 2019, where I will reveal my latest portrait painting.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and be sure to hold your loved ones near.


Gold relief painting in acrylic

My latest work is an acrylic relief painting that is heavy in texture. There is so much texture that my work is part sculpture, as the object emerges from the canvas surface.

An acrylic texture relief painting Epsilon in gold texture with black background. Saturn like ring around planet.

The concept follows the theme of my last few pieces; which is to show singular symbols against a black background. As the golden image floats through the darkness, it is representative of an echo from unknown depths coming outward. I say “echo” because it is difficult to determine what becomes of a feeling or thought once it is released into the universe. Perhaps on some level (collective consciousness, spiritual, or what have you), we communicate with symbols that carry deep personal meanings.

An acrylic texture relief painting Epsilon in gold texture with black backgroundAn acrylic texture relief painting Epsilon in gold texture with black background

Upon looking closer, one can detect the relief caused by the use of texture. Using my palate knife, I sculpted the division of the planet’s rings from the body of the sphere. It was also difficult to make a decision as to whether or not it was proper to paint black lines to further divide the rings from the planet.

An acrylic texture relief painting Epsilon in gold texture with black background

If I could change anything about this piece, it would be the unevenness caused by the division of the planet’s ring against the sphere body of the planet. I find it distracting.

When naming this piece, I wanted to avoid the obvious choice by calling it “Saturn”. To accomplish this, I researched other planets in our solar system with rings and learned that the planet Uranus has rings! The brightest of the 13 rings of Uranus is named Epsilon, and so voila!; the name of this golden planetoid painting was chosen.

An acrylic texture relief painting Epsilon in gold texture with black background Saturn ring planet

This last shot is altered; brightness levels have been reduced, while contrast has been increased. This allows the blackness of the background to really offset the gold multi faceted sphere surface and it’s rings.

This design is also available on many items printed on demand at Thank you for stopping by.


Gold Trident with Black Background

My latest work is a gold trident with a textured surface. The piece is 11 x 14 inches and is entitled: Neptune’s Trident.

Gold trident shape symbol with black background
Neptune’s Trident by Stephanie Konu

I started off with a free hand sketch of a 3 pronged shape. Using a ruler to outline the sections, my aim was to ensure a shape that was as “un-lopsided” as possible. Without a symbol to trace, or a rough draft on graph paper it was tricky to conceptualize this shape.

Gold trident shape symbol with black background
Neptune’s Trident 2019 by Stephanie Konu

Once the shape was sketched on the canvas, I furthered my experimentation with texture by shaping a thin outline along the edges of the trident. I used a technique similar to the one used for decorating cookies with royal icing. Stiff and dry texturizing compound along the border wall, to contain a more watery texturized mix that was flooded into the body of the shape. You can see that this approach has its drawbacks since the relief of the borders seems to be much higher than the inner body. The higher relief along the border contributes to an unevenness generally.

Gold trident shape symbol with black background
Neptune’s Trident 2019 by Stephanie Konu

One of the the things I learned from creating this piece was the need for neatness and order! As you can see, each tip of the trident should be much more “pointed”, yet they are uniquely different. This is because of my sketch that was lacking a cleanly drawn plan for where to apply texture on the canvas.

The result leans farther towards the abstract than I would have hoped for. This current study of work is based on dream-like apparitions of images, and symbols coming out of the darkness like an echo. I think that “Neptune’s Trident” is a perfect example of what I am trying to achieve. I am excited to begin working on my next project in this series.

Thank you (as always) for stopping by.


Gold acrylic triangle with black

My latest 10 x 10 inch// 25 x 25 cm acrylic on canvas continues my study of singular-focused images against black negative space. This piece features a heavily textured triangle shape that is entirely golden.

Gold triangle against black acrylic
Gold angles by Stephanie Konu

Gold light

I took photos of in the light, and so the shine of the black acrylic paint allows the viewer to also see raised texture floating in the blackness. Here (below) is a shot with the brightness turned down, and the contrast brought up to maximum. The painting has a much sexier look with the adjustments- and I think I will (one day) invest in the services of a professional photographer to capture my work.

What a haunting image

The intent behind this piece was to depict the fading light of a distant dying star. The glow is homogeneous and the texture is as even as I could apply it. It reminds me of a ghostly apparition. Something emerging from the darkness that has an unknown origin.

If I could change something about this piece, it would be the lack of clean and sharp lines. I will work on honing my sculpture skills in the next piece. This style needs to be explored, and I have quite a few ideas I’m very excited to implement.

Thanks for stopping by, and please check in again soon to see what I have been working on.


Black space acrylic with green and silver

My latest piece is entitled “Nights over Algonquin part 2”.  It is part of a series I did with a deep-space black background.



The concept was to create a piece where the colours would jump out and create a sense of excitement.

Neon permanent green flows along the bottom of the piece as the dependable earth cradles us. A sea of blue is nestled within the fields of green as well; but, what I enjoy most about this piece is the sky.


In my eyes, the gorgeous blending and “splashing” of silver, blue, and pearlescent violet against the deep Mars Black background remind me of an surrealistically neon light. The colours are almost alien, yet still emit a feeling of familiarity. The result is an excitement-filled piece that allows me to discover something new to love about it each time I lay my eyes upon it.

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January Abstracts

My latest piece is warm, golden, azure blue-esque, iridescent and metallic. (The hour that I write this is a very late one, so bear with me.)

This piece is small, yet the impact is big. Deep layers of varying shades of blue act as the backdrop of this work. Looking deeply, one can observe a light sheen of translucent turquoise that has an ever so slight iridescent quality.

The concept of this piece began with a desire to have a richly layered blue foundation for another rich, yet contrasting , metallic gold acrylic pour. I think this piece is another excellent example of the participatory feature of my work. The viewer of the work is the most important decipher-er of what it means. I can tell you what it means to me; however it is only a mere suggestion to the next set of eyes.


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