Blue and Gold abstract painting

My latest painting for the summer of 2020 is a blue, gold, and turquoise abstract painting. This glorious scene is entitled “Solar Rays”.

The painting is 24 inches tall by 27 inches wide. This is because of an error in cutting the size of my stretcher bars. I wanted the size to be 24 x 24 inches, but mistakenly forgot to account for the 1.5 inch width of the wood itself. Thus, 24x 27 inches. Live and learn.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Rays 2020 Art by Konu

This unique painting was conceptualized from a desire to show a solar ray escaping into the outer atmosphere of a star.

The light that escapes is pure energy, travelling outward into the cosmos. I used a blue background with this work, as opposed to my early work that usually featured a black negative space. The effect of using blue and turquoise in a negative space is a more welcoming one, as people are usually more drawn to comforting colours like these.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
Solar Ray 2020- Art by Konu

I am enjoying the direction of my new work. I am focusing on displaying my calmer attitude towards life (since motherhood specifically 😌) in my work, and I love where it is taking me.

My ability to express myself creatively has also expanded into my writing. I challenged myself to write a blog post every day for an entire month, and I exceeded the goal. From July 8, 2020 to August 8th (my favourite day of the year) I published a post relating to my new direction of personal development topics.

I implore you to check them out! I may write a book with the content, but as of now, I am still testing the rhythm of how often to maximize my reach.

A blue gold and turquoise painting By Artist Stephanie Konu 2020
ARTIST Konu with Solar Ray

Please visit my YouTube channel if you haven’t already. On my channel you get to see me in action as I discuss topics that have resonated with me in my life. I am hoping that with the right amount of attention to my channel, that I can expand the content because I really love to speak on camera and communicate my message of hope and positivity to everyone I meet.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my latest work.


Blue, Gold, and Turquoise Acrylic Art

My latest work is a 24 x 24 inch gallery wrapped canvas with beautiful colors.

Entitled “Bliss”, this work was completed in 2020 by myself using acrylic pouring techniques.

As usual, my artwork encompasses an experimentational aspect- with the mixture of water into acrylic paint, it is never fully certain what the end result of a painting will be.

Starting with a brilliant blue background, I layered variations of blue and turquoise on top of one another to build a deep field upon which to place the iridescent full turquoise colour.

Where turquoise is layered underneath the gold field, a head-like figure emerges at the top of the image. The figurative head is facing west, and looking toward the direction that the sun is emerging from.

The gold fields of this work are so dramatic, and bring immense warmth to the feeling of this piece. In sunlight, as seen in the photos above, the reflective surfaces are magnetic, and draw the observer into the piece.

The splashes of gold add drama to the lower left area of the image. It is evident here that the deep gold field was poured against the brilliant blue background .

I would be immensely pleased to recreate this artwork on a very large canvas. Larger artwork always allows the details and nuances of my work to be displayed easier. I would happily make prints available for this piece in the future if asked.

I love the positive and exciting feeling this emitted from “Bliss”- it truly is blissful to spend time appreciating it. 

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Large Blue and Gold abstract acrylic

Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020
Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020


My latest work is an extremely large landscape measuring 86 inches x 26 inches.

The work is entitled “Simple Sun” and uses brilliant blue, turquoise, and gold to make an abstract landscape of a rising sun over ocean waves.


The unconventional size was as a result of making two large art canvases for a commissioned work. I was unsure how well I could create the size, so I made two.



The golden sun is a deep rich field that has a reflective and metallic finish. Where it meets the blue background, a hard edge is formed. The eye is brought to these hard edges and a high contrast is achieved.

Where the ocean wave meets the sky, turquoise metallic finishes edge the crash of a cataclysmic wave. Despite the enormity of the wave, it is still eclipsed by the magnitude of the simple sun.

In the heart of the sun, an orb of texture is visible.

Blue gold ad turquoise abstract landscape by Stephanie Konu 2020
Simple Sun Acrylic on Canvas by Stephanie Konu 2020

Creating this piece was very therapeutic for me. It took many hour to get the sun exactly right. When the (real) summer sun returns to my backyard, I will be able to take more accurate photos that do a better job at capturing the metallic finishes and reflection of light that make this piece exceptional.


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Green, blue and gold leaf abstract acrylic on canvas

My latest acrylic work is very similar to my early paintings. I focused on my favorite colour (green) and aqua blue to create an ocean landscape. The best part of this piece is how the green and the blue swirl together like liquid frozen in time. I love how the colours are separated, yet at some points seem to threaten to bleed into each other.

Themes of water and the sun are very prevalent in my work. I enjoy nature (who doesn’t!), so a lot of my inspiration is drawn from experiences of spending time walking along side Lake Ontario on sunny summer days. I have been known to visit the same parks in the winter, but only on the mildest of days. There is some indescribable effect that happens to me when I am near a large body of water. It’s both scary, and calming for me to beset myself near the Lake.

This particular area of the painting looks like a side profile of a face poking out into while negative space.

My heart sings when I see how the paint interacted in this particular area as well. Although I do not use scientific measurements in my work, I do use loose calculations to achieve these beautiful swirls and effects.

Part of the reason why I do this is to communicate the idea of participatory art. In my opinion, abstract art is better when the person viewing it sees a unique image that they come up with. I always love to hear what people see in my work, because it is always different from one person to the next. I love using my imagination, and I encourage others to exercise their imaginations as well.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my latest work. There is one more post left for 2019, where I will reveal my latest portrait painting.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, and be sure to hold your loved ones near.


Three stages of my messy illustration style

Many people have been asking me to discuss my artistic practices in illustration. Here is a brief run down…

My style of illustration involves the following steps.

Step One:
Line work. It is the basic outline or shape of the elements contained within the design. I am a big fan of tracing the basic shape using reference images. The concept of the design originates in my mind/ from my thoughts. After I conceptualize the message (narrowing down what I hope to convey) I use a reference image, Photoshop, and other tricks to create an outline. I usually use images from my own photography library (way back when I enjoyed taking photos with my digital camera. Nowadays my smart phone is the dominant tech for photos at our house).
The first photo (see below) was sketched with layers for the line work. I first made the outline of the female figure, then on subsequent layers, added background details like the fence trees and buildings in the distance.

Step Two:
Adding color to each area of the illustration. I enjoy beginning with the figure in the foreground, and working backwards to the farthest objects in the line of sight.
When adding colour, it may be tempting to use the fill tool to fill each section within the black lines with colour. I think it is a better practice to use your brush of choice and fill in each colour on a separate layer.
This helps to develop your painting skill because it avoids the shortcut method of using the fill tool. Notice that the trees in the background have been coloured outside of their lines. I like this lazy/ messy style. Perhaps colouring outside of the lines is tantalizing in my mind.

Step three:
Complete the background colour. Add an extra layer to smooth the line work out where there may be unsteady lines. In this step I continue to keep each major component on separate layers; although I may begin to merge similar layers together.
If you are trying this method, by all means, continue beyond step three! Keep adding layers so that the detail can be improved. Use airbrushes, markers, and any other tool you desire.
The completed sketch is seen here. I opted to leave the face blank. I also changed the skin tone of the new illustration to reflect the concept I had in my mind. I wanted to see what a 19th century portrait would look like with a person of colour as the subject. I like how it turned out.

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Textured acrylic in abstract portrait style

Title: Rock Slide, 2019. Stephanie Konu

My latest work is so difficult to describe.

To me: it is an abstract scene of a green field sloping upward against a backdrop of a glacier. Sunrays are shining against the hilltop which is pictured in the heart of the piece.

There are raised areas that create texture where multiple colours intersect. This intersection is pictured above. I love how the yellow field has these “legs” that creep into other colours without merging and losing vibrancy.

I like seeing that in my work! It makes me feel confident that I can repeat my style of painting across various conditions. I imagine being invited to Portugal for a month to paint large works for a private collection. I would paint 7 hours a day and do 50 pieces. The client would hang my artwork in a castle near the Mediterranean Sea…

Ah dreams take us away, don’t they?

For the time being, I will share my artwork with you.

Rock slide abstract painting by Stephanie Konu blue, violet, grey, silver
Rock slide abstract painting by Stephanie Konu

Rock slide abstract painting by Stephanie Konu blue, violet, grey, silver
Rock slide abstract painting by Stephanie Konu

It is an interesting piece. There are reflective fields where I used metallic paint, as well as iridescent violet embossing powder. I will take further photos of it as time goes by, (if it stays in my posession).

Thank you for stopping by to check out my work.


Trap X Art Toronto


My latest acrylic work was recently on display at the Toronto Trap x Art show at The Boat Restaurant in Kensington Market, Toronto. It was a hip hop/ urban show with fantastic music, body painting, and live art displays. I was fortunate enough to be invited to display my art along side other emerging Toronto artists.

Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu featuring acrylic medium on canvas
Trap x Art Toronto October 10, 2019 art display of Stephanie Konu

This was the first time that I have ever displayed my work in a freeform venue where I needed to bring my own hardware (easel, display grids etc). When I realized that I needed some kind of system other than a table to make my display, I became worried about what to do. I knew it was unlikely that I could create enough easels to show 14 pieces, and the canvas grids available at Uline would have required several days to ship. The venue was on the second floor of a building in a very busy area of Toronto near Dundas and Spadina, so I knew that I needed to have the ability to carry my setup from the car in 2 trips or less.

I kicked myself for not planning things better.

Using my creativity and problem solving abilities, I sourced a 6 x 3 foot piece of welded fence from Home Depot ($17 CDN) and had it cut into two manageable pieces with a pair of bolt cutters. The structure was rigid enough to support the weight of my canvases; and after taping up the sharp edges from where the welded metal had raw cuts, I was very happy with th result. I was even able to add in a neon light in the shape of an “S” on my display.

Artist Stephanie Konu poses with her original art painted canvases at The Boat Restaurant, Toronto, Canada October 2019

The show was a success, and I made some sales of my original acrylic artwork. I chose to include pieces that related to each other by style, which worked well visually. I’m thankful for the invitation to display my artwork, and I am looking forward to more opportunities like this one in the future.

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Acrylic Portraits

My latest work is a study in portraiture.

African woman with gold accent and blue background  acrylic on canvas by Stephanie Konu
African woman acrylic on canvas by Stephanie Konu

African woman with blue background and gold Accent acrylic on canvas by Stephanie Konu
African woman acrylic on canvas by Stephanie Konu

It was an unexpected leap to go from illustrating portraits to painting them. I had a few gut-wrenching interludes, yet I found myself happy with the finished work.

Young woman of colour 1 of 2 acrylic on canvas with green shirt and blonde hair
Young woman of colour 1 of 2 acrylic on canvas with green shirt and blonde hair

Close up blue background Young woman of colour 1 of 2 acrylic on canvas with green shirt and blonde hair
Close up Young woman of colour 1 of 2 acrylic on canvas with green shirt and blonde hair

I enjoy painting details with fine brushes. Usino a watered-down high quality black acrylic, I achieve an easy flow to outline each figure.

 portrait of artist Stephanie Konu in 1980s vintage style colours green, blue and ebony
portrait of artist Stephanie Konu in 1980s vintage style colours

I’m having so much with this and I am excited to see what I develop next.

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Vaughn Ontario Culture days


I love autumn. It is my favorite season. Warm afternoons, cool mornings, and the perfect nights that require blankets with an open window are plentiful during this time of year.

Autumn is also a fairly busy time of year. Many of us are returning from summer vacations are are back to the daily grind. There are many art shows as well that pop up as the year comes to an end.

I had the pleasant opportunity to participate in an art exhibition early in September of 2019. The show took place at an historic estate that once belonged to JEH Macdonald of the Group of Seven. The event was in Thornhill, but was sponsored of The City of Vaughn.

Myself and 20 other artists exhibited our artwork during the weekend.

The show brought in approximately 100 people, and there were a few sales.

The highlight of the event was the opening reception. I was able to meet fellow artists who shared similar passions.

I’m very happy to have been invited to the show, and look forward to more autumn exhibitions like this one.

Thanks for stopping by,